The Most Interesting Instagram Accounts

In recent years, Instagram has taken the world of social media by storm. People are ditching Facebook and Snapchat for Instagram, preferring to post a series of saved photographs with captions than statuses. AsImage result for instagram the app has gained in popularity, the importance of the platform for artists and professionals alike has also grown. Just as MySpace once was, Instagram is now a way for those seeking notoriety to achieve it. People are starting to evolve their feeds just as their careers are evolving, finding new and innovative ways to post their content and make their page stand out. Here are some of the most interesting Instagram feeds around at the moment:


This account, belonging to an individual named Patrick, is a stream of photography and digital art, expertly posted in a mosaic-like format, with each individual photo moving seamlessly in to the next, even though the content in each picture differs. The colours used are warm, complimentary pastels. A perfect feed for fans of Wes Anderson.


Rachel Ryle is an illustrator and graphic designer who shares stop-motion videos of her illustrations coming to life on her feed. Her drawing style is reminiscent of the title credits of Napoleon Dynamite, with a playful, childish edge that is super endearing and accessible.


This is the only addition to the list with a focus on alternative fashion. The photos flawlessly mesh illustration with photography and collage to create various ‘ootd’ (outfit(s) of the day). There’s a grunge edge to the styling which makes it a must-see feed for those who are tired of the standard Instagram fashion feed, which tend to focus more on brand names than outfit composition.


This last addition is a great example of a well-executed puzzle feed. There are different collages, but all are posted over a series of photos. Her style of collage is colourful and varied, and her work is very impressive.