Different Instagram Layouts to Make Your Feed Stand Out

As a result of Instagram’s surge in popularity, many other applications have been released which unlock different dimensions to the practice of taking and uploading photos. Apps like Preview allow for new styles and layouts that are not included in the original Instagram application, keeping the platform fresh and exciting for those who are always looking to stay one step ahead. Here’s a breakout of the different directions in which you can take your grid:

The Standard ‘Square’ Layout

This is the traditional layout that most Instagram users stick to, posting one photo at a time without any link or narrative from one to the next. Even though this may seem outdated to some, it can still create a beautiful feed, just as long as you don’t deviate from the same combination of filter and colour.

Diagonal Posts

This particular layout is used by many Instagram superstars, and it’s an effect that is really easy to achieve. Posts are spread diagonally over three separate squares; once you have chosen the photos Image result for Row by Row (each linked in some way to the next) and the colour, all you have to do is drag and drop your photos in to the correct order.

Row by Row

With this layout, each row of your feed tells a different story. This kind of layout is not meant to be viewed photo by photo, but more as a whole. Since most people’s eyes naturally drift from left to right, the row by row layout makes you feel like you’re reading a really pretty book.


One of the most aesthetically pleasing on the list, the rainbow feed changes colour as you scroll through it. While it requires slightly more planning and attention to detail than most other layouts, the payoff is worth it. The trick is: every 3 , 6 or 9 photos, change the colours you are using in your photos.