The Perils of Gambling on Facebook

Let’s get this clear: Facebook is a social media site. It is used for catching up with friends, finding old ones, new ones, sharing posts and photos, and many other social things. It does not include gambling. Under Facebook’s rules and regulations, gambling is strictly forbidden. But there are gambling, lotto, and raffle groups popping up everywhere, which can be difficult to keep under control.

These groups pop up as quRelated imageickly as they are reported and shut down, many of which are scamming people. Using Paypal and other payment methods, the instructions of the page ask payment to be made in order to place a bet, or pick a number from a raffle. The winning bid or number is then “picked at random” and a prize is sent to the winner. Unfortunately though, this often never happens.

Many people have reported that these groups are fake, and that they have been scammed of whatever money they invested, without seeing any prizes – despite being told they have won. The problem lies in the regulation of Facebook. People that run the scam pages often close their accounts and start up new ones in no time. You could be chasing a fake and ‘no longer in use’ account, searching forever for someone who is not real.

Gambling itself is a serious business, and if you want to do it right, go to licensed companies. Places like Ladbrokes, redbet, and casinos run legal businesse,s and know what they’re doing. When you lose your money, it’s fair and square.

Next time you consider gambling or betting online, make sure you choose your place wisely. Gambling on Facebook could carry serious consequences, and any money you send to anonymous people over the net is not insured in any way. A licensed gambling establishment will always be able to show you they are legal.