The Snapchat Phenomenon

In recent years, Snapchat has taken over the younger generation of social media users. Even though the app has a minimum age of 18, it is downloaded and used by many people younger than that. One reason for this could be that parents generally feel safer with their children using a platform like this, where the posted content is only available for a short time, as opposed to Facebook or Instagram, whereImage result for Snapchat the content has the potential to stay lost in the online ether forever. That being said, there are plenty of adults also using the app and, for some, it can even be a great way to attain a more personal and intimate insight in to the lives of their favourite celebrities or estranged friends and relatives. Here are some of the best Snapchat accounts to follow:


Notorious rapper and producer DJ Khaled is renowned for his Snapchat posts, and for good reason. Khaled has a real talent for producing highly entertaining content. He provides daily insights in to his views on life and the world, sometimes whilst in very compromising positions, and has even posted one very memorable video of his mishaps on a jet ski. Check him out for a guaranteed laugh.


This account belongs to everyone’s favourite muscle man hero turned political figure, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The much loved action legend has become well-known for his travel photos, snippets of info about his current projects and, of course, his many gym selfies.


This is the account of perhaps the most famous and loved individual on the list: Doug the pug. Doug took the world by storm a few years ago and has only been gaining in popularity ever since. Doug’s snaps include candid shots of him eating ice cream and borrowing books from the library. A treat for all dog lovers.