Why use Facebook?

Social media is all around us, Facebook especially right now as it is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. But is social media, in particular Facebook, really worth having? What can you do with it? Why Image result for facebookis it the most used social media platform in the world? The answers to these questions are really simple.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social media website. It allows people to interact with each other over the internet. It started out very simply but now it is used by individuals to connect with friends, businesses to tout their wares and charities to raise money and awareness.

What can you do with it?

When you have a Facebook account you can contact old friends and family members and keep in touch. Ideal for those who live miles apart when visiting isn’t easy. You can share photographs and videos with your loved ones very easily. People can also make friends with others around the world where otherwise their paths would never cross. They do this by joining the same fan page and interacting there, playing the same game and connecting via the forums or as friends of friends. It is easy to meet new and interesting people with similar interests.

Why is it popular?

Facebook if popular for a wide range of reasons. The simplicity of use is perhaps the biggest factor, even those who are not tech savvy can have an account and keep in contact with friends. The range of games available to play is also a big draw for many. As Facebook accounts are free, businesses and charities find that advertising via the Facebook platform is a very cheap way to get the world out about their latest sale or campaign.

As with all social media or internet activity, if your child wants to have an account then monitoring them is a must.