The Best Facebook Pages

Facebook has reigned as champion of the social media world since 2010, surpassing My Space, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, to be the most used social media site by members of all ages and nationalities. People use Facebook to help them advance in their careers, promote their music, connect with long distance friends, and plan events in their neighbourhoods. Facebook has become a part of most people’s every day lives, and seems to be going from strength to strength, despite the controversies it’s founders and employees keep getting themselves in to. Here is a list of a few of the best Facebook pages which you should check out:

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel is a travel agency which uses its Facebook page to help users search for and book upcoming trips. They are very innovative with their content, posting photos and videos that inspire users to travel more, like food tours and landscape shots. There is also a section of the page devoted to reviews.

Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is a company which runs high intensity obstacle courses. They are super popular with adrenaline junkies and fitness buffs, as they provide courses that are not only a great workout, but also a great team building exercise. They use their Facebook page to help get new customers on board, and they do so through a series of funny, motivational posts.

UNICImage result for UNICEFEF

UNICEF is a program run by the United Nations which aims to provide humanitarian aid to mothers and children in underdeveloped countries. Their Facebook page provides information about who they are, and what they are trying to do, as well as information about how visitors of the page can get involved. They have a ‘donate’ button which takes you straight to their donation website, and they make it easy to subscribe to their newsletter, which they send out via email.